EVYL Leader Devo – Day Nineteen

Psalm 51 “A Clean Heart”

Did you ever get caught with your hand in the cookie jar as a kid? What happened?

1. In how many ways and against how many people did David sin in the Bathsheba affair (II Samuel 11:1-27)?

2. What is significant about David’s statement in verse 4? What does this show about the nature of sin?

3. In light of all this, what does David ask God to do (Vv. 7-12)?

4. How does David hope to escape God’s wrath (Vv. 13-17)? On what basis does he hope for a restored relationship?

Is there any sin in your life in which you have covered up? This week, pray Psalm 51 and ask for God to clean and restore you.

“Our sense of sin is in proportion to our nearness to God.” —Thomas D. Bernard

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