EVYL Leader Devo – Day Twenty Four

John 8:1-11 “Caught”

Have you ever had school detention? Or been picked up by the police? Were you guilty?

1. How was this situation a trap for Jesus? What would the Pharisees accuse Jesus of if He let her go? He told them to stone her?

2. How does Jesus spring a trap of his own?

3. What is the significance of Jesus’ question in verse 10?

4. How does Jesus’ response to the woman exemplify “grace and truth” (v.11)?

Apply: What sin or sins in your life do you still struggle with? Take that sin this week and let Jesus’ forgiveness free you to change.

“When God forgives, He forgets. He buries our sins in the sea and puts up a sign on the bank saying ‘No Fishing Allowed.’ ” — Corrie Ten Boom

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